Getting started with Blogtrack

During the beta phase the look & feel of Blogtrack might change. We want to work on your feedback as quickly as possible and therefore update and enrich the application frequently. You can reach out to us at anytime via email.

There’s little you need to get started with Blogtrack.

These are the minimum requirements and must-have to use Blogtrack:

  • A Google account or email address for the signup
  • A valid sitemap that includes the list of all your articles
  • Access to the Google Search Console data for your site
  • Google Analytics (v3 or v4) or Plausible configured for your articles

Furthermore, there’s no JavaScript to embed or HTML to adjust if your articles follow well-known SEO best practices like only having one <h1> which contains the name of the article.

Step 0: Account Registration

Arrays start at 0, so does your onboarding journey

Step 1: Connecting Your Analytics Provider

Connect an analytics provider (e.g., Google Analytics or Plausible) to understand how your articles are performing

Step 2: Connecting Your Search Engine Provider

Connect a search engine provider (e.g., Google) to get information about your traffic origin

Step 3: Verifying the Result

Verify that Blogtrack successfully scraped your articles so that you’re ready to grow your audience