Quick answers around Blogtrack

During the beta phase the look & feel of Blogtrack might change. We want to work on your feedback as quickly as possible and therefore update and enrich the application frequently. You can reach out to us at anytime via email.

Why does Google say that Blogtrack is not verified?

When you use Google to log in or to provide Blogtrack with access to your analytics data, Google may show a warning saying that the Blogtrack app is not verified yet:

Google warning

The verification process with Google is in process but may take some time. In the meantime, you can continue your current workflow by clicking on “Advanced” in the lower left corner.

I’m seeing errors on my Page Scan. What can I do?

It’s completely normal to see some errors on the Page Scan. It just means that Blogtrack could not identify some pages as blog posts. Those pages will not show up in the dashboards.

If you find pages that ran into an error that you do want to show up in your dashboards, please make sure that they provide a publication date for Blogtrack to read.

When will Blogtrack be GA (Generally Available)?

After gathering feedback as part of our public beta, we’re planning to go live with Blogtrack as soon as possible. Depending on the outcome of the beta and your feedback, we currently target the end of Q1 2022 for GA.

Why should I use Blogtrack?

  • Grow your blog based on your existing articles
  • Build a lasting habit around blogging
  • Understand which articles drive the most traffic and when it’s time to update them

How does Blogtrack work?

Blogtrack gathers data from your analytics provider (e.g., Google Analytics or Plausible), search engine provider (e.g., Google Search Console), and your articles to provide you with actionable dashboards.

How’s Blogtrack different from SEO tools like ahrefs?

Blogtrack follows a different goal compared to common SEO tools. Blogtrack is less SEO technical and not a keyword or competitor research tool.

We help you make the most of your blog by focussing on your existing articles and content. We don’t force you to write an article for high-volume keywords you don’t even like to write.

By building a lasting blogging habit using the Blogtrack workflow, you’ll sustainably grow your blog by default.

What are the minimum requirements for my blog to work with Blogtrack?

  • A Google account or email address for the signup
  • A valid sitemap that includes the list of all your articles
  • Access to the Google Search Console data for your site
  • Google Analytics (v3 or v4) or Plausible configured for your articles

How much does Blogtrack cost?

The public beta is free.

Early adopters will get a reduced offer once Blogtrack goes GA. The pricing is not finalized but will most likely depend on the size of your blog.

Where can I sign up for the newsletter?

You can sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date and discuss the features as they are being developed.