During the beta phase the look & feel of Blogtrack might change. We want to work on your feedback as quickly as possible and therefore update and enrich the application frequently. You can reach out to us at anytime via email.

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If you’ve not yet used Blogtrack and are planning to use it for your blog, start at the Overview section to get a high-level introduction on how Blogtrack will help you grow your audience.

The Onboarding section helps you to get started with Blogtrack. Head over to it if you’re stuck or want to see how simple the integration is.

For more information on how Blogtrack scrapes data from your articles, connects to analytics and search engine providers, visit the Reference section.

Finally, our FAQ section provides a set of quick answers about various topics.


What’s Blogtrack all about and why you should use it


Getting started with Blogtrack


Technical documentation, explanation and troubleshooting


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