I Want to Help You Grow Your Blog!

Hey there!

I’m building blogtrack.io to help grow your blog.

blogtrack.io is still in development. It will start out with a limited feature set around making sense of your Google Analytics data and tracking page view goals for your blog posts. With that, you will already have the tools at hand to find articles that have not reached their traffic potential yet so you can make them better and track your results.

That’s what I see as a way to help me grow my blog. But I’m not building this for myself alone.

What are your most pressing problems when trying to grow your blog audience? How are you running your blog? What tools do you use? What tools would you like to have?

If you’re running a blog and want to grow your audience, I would very much like to have a chat with you.

Your insights would help me a lot to make blogtrack.io a valuable tool in a blogger’s tool box.

As a thanks you’ll get free access to all features during the beta phase and 50% off afterwards (plus all the perks I’m still thinking of for the blogtrack beta community).

If you’re up for a coffee chat with me, please drop me a mail or hit me up on Twitter.

If you want to have a look at the current (limited) features of blogtrack, you can see a short description in the docs.

Cheers, Tom