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Establish a data-driven workflow to get inspired, build a blogging habit, and unlock the growth potential of your blog.

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Sick of SEO?

You're tired of paying expensive SEO tools you don't even enjoy to use?

Blogtrack lets you work on the content you love instead of focusing on SEO keywords you don't care about.

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Need Inspiration?

You don't know where to spend your precious time to improve your blog's content?

Let Blogtrack show you the growth opportunities in your blog.

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Tapping in the dark?

You don't know whether the changes you make to your content have the expected impact?

Log the changes you make and let Blogtrack tell you what impact they had.

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The Blogtrack workflow

Get inspired to grow your blog with this simple 4-step workflow.

Blogtrack workflow


Identify the current growth potential of your blog. Using a data-driven approach, Blogtrack reveals your current growth opportunities.
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Now it's time to act on the growth potential. We'll provide you with tips to update your existing articles to reach a bigger audience.
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Blogtrack monitors the impact of your changes so you don't have to. Stay up-to-date with automatic notifications.
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Blogtrack helps to build a successful and lasting blogging habit by ritualizing this workflow.
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Data Sources

Blogtrack aggregates the data of your analytics providers for you to mine it for growth opportunities.

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics 3

Easily connect to your Google Analytics 3 ("Universal Analytics") property.
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Google Analytics 4

Using the newer Google Analytics 4 to collect analytics data? Plug it in.
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Plausible Analytics

If you're using the privacy-focused Plausible analytics, we've got you covered. Blogtrack doesn't store any personally identifiable information.
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Google Search Console

Let Blogtrack crawl your Google Search data to present you with valuable insights.
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Your analytics provider is not listed? Let us know.

Growing your blog with
Blogtrack is ...


Nothing becomes a long-lived habit if there's no fun involved. Level up your blogging game.
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We tell you exactly what blog post to improve. No need to become an expert for your analytics provider.
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We help you measure the impact of your changes to continuously improve the value of your blog.
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Plug-and-play setup that works with all blogging tools. We connect to your existing analytics provider and will crunch the numbers for you.
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Your blog posts are more than just a URL and some numbers! Watch your blog posts grow as first-class citizens in Blogtrack.
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Discover Blogtrack

Learn about the features that power the blog growth engine.


Blog Heartbeat

The entrypoint to building a successful blogging habit. The Blog Heartbeat gives you all the information about your recent (and not so recent) blogging efforts.

Let Blogtrack drive your blogging habit by showing you your blogging streaks and recent achievements.


Opportunity Miner

Blogtrack crawls your analytics and search data to find growth opportunities for you. Let these opportunities inspire you to improve your content and grow your audience.


Growth Monitor

The Growth Monitor shows you the blog posts that grew the most and those that lost the most over a given time period. Use this information to decide where to invest your precious time.

No more surprises after 6 months that a blog post's performance has changed'!



See at a glance how many readers your blog has reached. Combine analytics from multiple sources like Plausible and Google Analytics 3 and 4 to show on a combined dashboard.


Goal tracking

Define goals and track them over time. Let Blogtrack notify you about your goals weekly.


Event Log

Track the impact of any changes you make to your blog posts or your blog layout. With each change, you can add an event to the Event Log. Blogtrack will show you how the changes have impacted your blog posts' performance over time.


Page Monitor

Get detailed information about each one of your blog posts. In Blogtrack, a blog post is more than just an URL and some numbers.


Track multiple sites

You're running more than on blog? Blogtrack has you covered. You can add multiple blogs to your account and track their growth with a single tool.


Data providers

We crunch the numbers from your analytics providers and search analytics. Blogtrack currently supports Google Analytics 3 and 4, Plausible and the Google Search Console.

Blogtrack consolidates the data from all your analytics provider in a single dashboard. Perfect for when you're migrating from one analytics provider to another.


Manage authors

Working with multiple authors? With Blogtrack, you can share public read-only dashboards with your authors to let them understand the impact of their articles and motivate them to keep up the good work.


Page Scan

Blogtrack scans all your blog posts for the publication date, author names, and article text to provide you with meaningful dashboards.

The team behind Blogtrack

We're a small group of developers with a passion for blogging.

Johannes Teklote

Johannes Teklote


Johannes enjoys creating innovative solutions on hackathons and is developing new Blogtrack features.

Tom Hombergs

Tom Hombergs


A software developer and blogger, Tom has made it a habit to write a bit every day and has grown his blog to 250,000 page views per month. #TeamStaticSiteGenerator

Philip Riecks

Philip Riecks


Philip enjoys writing new articles on rainy afternoons in small and cozy cafes for his software development blog on #TeamWordPress

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