Static site generators

Designed with static site generators in mind

Browse your articles and their stats. Search and sort them by properties like title, category, performance, or authors. Get all the features a dynamic content management system would offer and more, even while using a static site generator like Jekyll or Hugo.

Schedule your posts

Scheduling posts with a static site generator is tricky. Blogtrack makes it a breeze. Set the publication date in your static site generator and let blogtrack trigger a build for you at certain times. Easy.

Dynamic features

Features like a readability score of your texts are usually only available to dynamic content management systems. With blogtrack, you'll have these features - no matter what content management system or static site generator you're using.

Teams & Companies

Bring life into your company blog

Call out a competition for writing the article with the most readers. Share a high score list. Blogtrack provides a range of options to make writing fun - encouraging your co-workers to write more and give their best.

Author dashboards

Share author-specific dashboards with your writers. They'll see their articles and how they perform. No login required. Nothing beats this in terms of motivation!

Highscore lists

Define your own scoring metric and share a highscore list with your authors. Start a friendly competition to encourage your authors to give their best.


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